Transition: September 2024

Hello, Year 6. Let me be the first to welcome you to St Gabriel’s High School. My name is Mrs Tetlow and I will be your Head of Year. I am an English Teacher here at St Gabriel’s and my office is based in the John Banks building. I will always be around before and after school and at social times if you need anything.

You will find us to be an inclusive Catholic community which embraces diverse identities, faiths, and beliefs. This means we will not judge others and show support where we can. We strive to use our God-given talents not only to succeed ourselves but to serve others. We are really looking forward to seeing what you are all capable of and what you have to offer here at St Gabriel’s. We stretch and challenge our pupils throughout the curriculum as well as making it as diverse and relevant as possible. I hope you enjoy some new subjects you won’t have experienced before and build on the subjects you’re already familiar with. We have so many extra-curricular opportunities for you to fulfil your potential from football, basketball, rounders, cricket, to arts and crafts club, British Sign Language, chess club, STEM club, school productions and much more! There are many opportunities for you to grow and progress within your form class too. You will have the opportunity to become a leader and could be part of the school development team or a prayer and liturgy leader.

Throughout Year 7 we also run many trips outside of school to come together to celebrate our success. We will go to the pantomime around Christmas time, we will take a trip at Easter and then there’s a big day out at Blackpool to celebrate our achievements at the end of the year. At St Gabriel’s, the Lord is our strength, which inspires us to make positive contributions not only to our school community but also to our global society. We hope you aim to take advantage of all that is on offer to you and to make the most of your time here at St Gabriel’s.

I look forward to getting to know all the amazing pupils coming to St Gabriel’s this year.

Year 7 Autumn Curriculum

Your curriculum leaders are really looking forward to welcoming you to the ‘Family’ of St Gabriel’s. We have an exciting Autumn Term planned for you which builds on all your successful learning in Year 6.

Here are just a few highlights!

Religious Education:

The origins of the universe


Dystopian Worlds: The Hunger Games


Algebraic Thinking


Use of a science lab



Historical Skills and Migration


Local area (Bury) and National Area (UK).


Fitness circuits and outdoor sports


All about me.


Research skills, portraiture and crafts.


Music from the movies and We have got rhythm


Focus and Movement

Computer Science:

Scratch (programming)

Design and Technology:

Jewellery and Upcycling.


Food Technology:

Food safety, hygiene and preparation skills.

Learning Skills:

Train your brain

Personal Development:

Healthy Mind and Body


Suggested summer holidays activities: Give yourself a learning boost!

Suggested Reading: SMART by Kim Slater: ISBN-10 ‏ 1447254090Use the online activities to support your learning. Get ready for Year 7 with these fun SMART activities! | National Literacy Trust


Keep on top of your times tables as these are the building blocks of your secondary curriculum. KS3 Times Tables – 19 Enjoyable Quizzes for Years 7, 8 and 9 (


Explore nature. What can you achieve before you are 11 3/4? 50 things to do before you’re 11¾ | Visit | National Trust. You do not need to be a member of the National Trust to do these activities.

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