Unavoidable School Closures

During the winter months, we ask for your help in ensuring the safety of our children. There can be the occasional day when snowfall is heavy, or the result of snow is that there are difficulties with the transport systems. In such cases, we ask that you firstly check the school’s website (the address is shown at the foot of this letter) for the most up to date information. Although every attempt will be made to keep the school open, after taking advice from public bodies such as the council, the police and bus companies, the school may close early or open later. This enables the many pupils who travel some distance to reach school or home safely in poor weather and traffic conditions. Naturally, we can never give advanced warning of this type of closure, nor can we contact your or other members of your family directly. In the event of forced closure, a short letter will be emailed home with your son or daughter and this information placed on our website. We would ask you to discuss the arrangements you want your child(ren) to follow if they leave school early because of deteriorating weather. We have found that if children, especially younger ones, are clear about what they should do, they react better. They know what to do and, if necessary, where to go. This will also remove stress and anxiety from you about the whereabouts of your child. Should you normally meet your child here at the end of the school day, please be assured that the school will stay staffed until that time unless the weather is particularly severe. Thank you for your cooperation in advance. Remember – the school’s website is the first point of information in these circumstances.