Our Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission Statement 

At St Gabriel’s, we are an inclusive Catholic family who embrace diverse identities, faiths and beliefs. We strive to use our God-given talents to serve others and to succeed. The Lord is our strength, which inspires us to make positive contributions to our school community and be valued members of our global society.

Our  Values

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Students demonstrate the strength to self-regulate their decisions and actions, including having the strength to attend prepared and on time every lesson, every day.

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Students act to serve others, treating all staff and peers with respect.

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Students strive for success by always putting their learning first.

St Gabriel’s has a strong Mission Statement which runs through all aspects of school life.  This means students appreciate, value and actively participate in the Catholic Life and mission of the school.  We strive to give everyone in our school the opportunity to witness the teaching of Jesus.

Catholic Education in England and Wales

Catholic Education in England and Wales