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St Gabriel’s opened in 1954 to serve the Catholic community of Bury. The original school was designed and built for around 500 pupils – less than half of the total number of children on roll today. The school is situated in North Bury and services the parishes of Guardian Angels, St Hilda’s, St Marie’s, St Joseph’s and St Bede’s, and St Joseph’s Ramsbottom. The school’s facilities include a sports hall, gymnasium, hall, dining room, dining canopy, two suites of science labs – some completely refurbished in 2020, a technology suite, a drama/performance arts complex as well as suites of classrooms which are, on the whole, grouped together by subject. Almost 90% of our students select St Gabriel’s as their first choice School.

St Gabriel’s won a conditions improvement bid in 2020 and as part of this, we will be undertaking extensive buildings improvements to the cost of 2.1 million pounds. We have also recently opened our St Teresa of Calcutta Chapel, reflecting our new future with the St Teresa of Calcutta Catholic Academy Trust.

The whole of the main building was re-decorated in 2020 and the John Banks Building was re-decorated in 2021.

This is a successful school; children are well cared for and grow in education and faith. Many students are second, even third-generation pupils. Our examination results have been strong over the years. In Summer 2020, the school celebrated being the school with the highest outcomes among Bury’s twelve main non-selective secondary schools, testimony to the hard work, love and commitment given to St Gabriel’s by pupils, parents, staff and governors over the years. In summer 2020 84% of our students gained 9-4 in both English and Maths and 20% of our students gained 5 GCSEs at the top grades of 9-7. We were above both national and Bury LA average statistics on both outcomes and progress. Our Progress 8 figure was +0.23. In 2021 these grades were surpassed again: 88% passed both Maths and English and Progress 8 was +0.53.

Ofsted visited us in March 2020 and here are some of their comments;

Of our students…….
‘They are polite and respectful to each other and adults’.

Of School’s leadership…..
‘The Headteacher, together with her newly formed senior leadership team, are taking determined action to move the school forward. The Headteacher has a clear vision and wants to raise pupils’ aspirations and provide them with more opportunities.

The Headteacher has her finger on the pulse of the school’.

Of our teaching team……
‘Their morale is high. Staff spoke highly of the training opportunities that they now receive’.

We welcome all visitors to St Gabriel’s and if your child is interested in taking up a place with us, please do not hesitate to contact our team for a visit

The Learning Family of St Gabriel’s

The school has six wonderful feeder primary schools from which much of its intake comes.

It also sends its students to a multiple of highly successful locations post-secondary school including: